Saturday, 28 August 2010

Some nerd stuff.

No, this will not be a blog about turntables, i didn't come up with a better name in the 2 minutes i spent thinking of the name, so i just used that.

Let's have a bit of technology info, for whoever is following the Graphic card market, ATi's 6xxx series is just around the corner, ATi/AMD themselves said that the first lineup 'Southern Islands' is gonna be a refresh of the quite successful yet somewhat underperforming 5xxx series.

They should be going retail in 2 months, nVidia is very far behind with their yet still unfinished GF104/100 lineup, they better shape up or it spells bad for us, think about it, without any good competition, ATi will raise prices and we're basically screwed, competition is always a good thing, you wouldn't want to see Intel CPU prices if AMD stopped their processor/chipset manufacturing.

Here's a early GPU-Z(nifty and compact software tool for detecting graphic cards) screencap

This wouldn't be available yet normally. but it is due to ATi Leaking some minor card specs in their new Driver release, Catalyst 10.8.

How does this compare to the top nVidia card currently out, the GTX 480?

Well, take a look.

This is a screecap of 3DMark Vantage, a benchmarking tool for CPU's and GPU's.

The overall score is 11963, what does this number mean?

Well, the GTX 480, if it's on the same hardware (a overclocked i7) would be getting around 9000-10000, depending on the coreclock/memory/shader and overall case hardware.

The only card that can currently rival this new card is the dual GPU Radeon 5970, a very expensive and high end card.

Keep in mind that the 5970 costs from 600$ - 1200$ depending on the brand, reference models are much cheaper, non reference models like the ARES and 5970 Toxic are around 1200$ and are simply monsters in the GPU world, of course, very few people have them due to the price.

To end this, this card lineup, according to the early leaks, looks VERY promising, if nVidia does the same like it did with their current lineup, delay the cards for 6 months and let ATi/AMD monopolize.. I don't think i have to explain that, it's basic marketing.

NOTE: All this just might be false, because it definitely ain't the first time something like this happened, but since we have nothing else about the new card lineup, we'll take what we get, i commend AMD/ATi for keeping things pretty tight on the info.

For more detailed info, go here.

Should have just linked that in the first place, oh well, enjoy bashing your heads in if you're a nerd like myself.


In other unrelated news, i woke up after i dreamed i was raped by Mexicans.

And Then i proceeded to fap furiously to that thought,  brb, Taco bell.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Dear me.

I remember once when i was a kid how throwing dynamite under speeding cars was frowned upon.